How our proven design works for you...

Patent No. 9,068,338
Our patented drop boxes are designed to discharge the wastewater along the interior wall of the lift station. This discharge direction causes the wastewater to flow in a circular direction. The circular flow moves the solids, reducing their tendency to float and collect on the water surface. In turn, this greatly lowers the buildup of heavy solids and grease on the walls, minimize corrosion, and reduce the need for chemicals such as H2S. Which will save a considerable amount of time and money in the cleaning and maintenance of your lift stations and manholes.
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Drop boxes are designed to fit in any type of lift station or manholes. Our patented designs will save you time and money by reducing necessary maintenance and operating costs.
GP HydraFlow Drop Boxes

  Available in Stainless Steel 316 / Composite / Pipe Brackets 

Drop Box fits lift stations and manholes almost any-size inlet and outlet. 
Custom sizes available upon request.

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Reduces Lift Station and Manhole cleaning and maintenance.